Octex - electronic music

One of the most profiled and internationally established Slovenian electronic musicians, operating somewhere in between club and avant-garde, exploring the boundaries of rhythmical atmospheres drowned in dub aesthetics and sub-bass frequencies.



Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

My entry to the Westworld Scoring Competition.
I was always fascinated by movie soundtracks, especially ones gravitating towards electronic music, from the Tangerine Dream, Eduard Artemyev, Vangelis, Philip Glass to Clint Mansell ... Even my album Dead Centre of Nowhere is a fictional soundtrack to an imaginary movie.


Live at K4x30

Vide recording of my live set, recorded at 30. year anniversary of Club K4 in Ljubljana, on 24th of May 2019.


Out now: Pavemental - Streeteepy 12"

I'm returning to the rx:tx label, with a new beats and hiphop driven side-project Pavemental. Streeteepy reflects the funky flow of skateboard tricks, overlaid by the spacious chords of the city, spiced up by his studio trickery.
Out on 16th of March, 2015.
Pre-listen and order here.


Liagon on Wattergate


My track Liagon got featured on the latest Watergate mix CD, mixed by Butch.




... out with the old


New video, Octex: Gait

Take a night ride through the city, where street lights reflect the ever shifting music sequences.
New Octex music video for the track Gait, that is available on the 10th edition of Chilli Space compilation, released on 2x12" vinyl, distributed worldwide by Tripple Vision.


Octex: Indrop

Re-edit of Adam Delorme footage, which fits nicely to the mood of intro track from Variations.



This is what inspires me.


K4 Podcast mix


It's been a while since my last recorded mix, so here's a massive 56 track one to make up for it, recorded for Club K4 Podcast. It's more on the dancefloor friendly bass heavy side.


Dead Center Of Nowhere


Originally recorded 10 years ago as a sequel to Idei Lahesna, but due to numerous unforeseeable circumstances so far never released, it is now finally getting a proper release on the nice french label Entropy Records. CD-Audio Golden Digipak edition available now, with digital release coming out end of the month.