K4 Podcast mix
It's been a while since my last recorded mix, so here's a massive 56 track one to make up for it, recorded for Club K4 Podcast. It's more on the dancefloor friendly bass heavy side. >>

Dead Center Of Nowhere
Originally recorded 10 years ago as a sequel to Idei Lahesna, but due to numerous unforeseeable circumstances so far never released, it is now finally getting a proper release on the nice french label Entropy Records. CD-Audio Golden Digipak edition available now, with digital release coming out end of the month. >>

10th Anniversary Of First Release
This month it's exactly 10 years since the first Octex release. It was a track Nigljana, released on the Elektrotehnika Slavenika compilation, that came with the September 2000 issue of The Wire Magazine. As a anniversary gift I'm making the track available as a free download in losseless FLAC format. >>

Every Sound Tells a Story & Bandcamp store
Long awaited new album sees me exploring my collection of field recordings and immersing them in my soundscapes. While the recordings themselves sometimes get processed and effected to the edge of recognition, their storytelling and emotional content are used as a basis for all overlaying compositions. The result is an even deeper development of my previous dub experiments, avoiding precise classification, laying somewhere in between dub-techno, dub-step, ambient, IDM, dub... >>

I have also opend my store on Bandcamp where you can purchase this album, and the older ones directly from me. >>

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Octex goes audio/visual >>

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